• 2015
    Acquired Nantong Qinghai Machinery Co., Ltd renamed it as Jiangsu Sinotec Co., Ltd.
  • 2014
    Passed quality authentication of ISO 14001 and obtained 3rd level certificate for safety production standardization
  • 2013
    Won title of title of Shanghai High And New Technology Enterprise
  • 2011
    Annual Output Value Exceeded 130 Million Yuan
  • 2009
    Annual Output Value Exceeded 25 million Yuan
  • 2007
    Annual Output Value Exceeded 5 million Yuan
  • 2006
    Shanghai Sinotec Co., Ltd. Established

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Market Size

Products of Sinotec

Sinotec is mainly engaged in the production and development of key turbocharger parts, with processes covering precision casting, sand casting, machining, welding and assembly of heat-resistant stainless steel and high-temperature alloy parts. Customers cover a number of automotive OEMs in the world.

Business Idea

A Warm Home of Staff, First Choice of Customers and Committed to Environmental Improvement

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Shanghai SinotecCo., Ltd.

Add. No.218 Songxiu Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

TEL. : 0086-21-5978 6158

  Jiangsu Sinotec Co., Ltd.

Add. No.6 Huaxing Road, Rugao District, Jiangsu, China


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